1. Smartphone Camera Review: Nokia Lumia 900 v. iPhone 4S v. HTC One X


    Marin Perez over at Intomobile does a handy photo showdown that covers all smartphone bases: a Windows phone versus an iPhone versus an Android!

    His review—with sample pics & vids—goes over each camera phone’s:

    • Image quality
    • Camera software
    • HD video 

    His pick? The Android—the HTC One X. Find out why:

    Smartphone Camera Review: HTC One X Has the Edge Over iPhone & Windows Phone

    via Intomobile

  2. instagram V picplz

    For those of you who maybe unaware; there are two applications currently battling  for te hearts and minds of the smartphone/iPhone, social web, photosharing market. They are; instagram, and picplz.

    I have accounts on both, but have more of an inclination towards instagram, why? Well I guess because it was the first, but more importantly, it has only one real point of access, your Iphone itself. This is the major difference between the two. instagram provides a uri, for other sites to link to, if you choose to share it on such places.s2art on instagram

    picplz; on the other hand has a fully fledged website, with a fully functional interface and community accessible form the wbesite.

    picplz's website

    Performance wise, instagram feels a little faster, and I was able to quickly nut out its interface, whereas I had to dig a little to find some features I wanted with picplz, such as using images from my camera album, rather than making an image on the spot, to upload.

    Both apps auto post to as many sites as you you choose, so of course it is quite painless to upload to, all the usual suspects, flickr, facebook, twitter tumbler etc.

    Otherwise, the only reason I feel anyone would go for picplz is if they did not have an iPhone as picplz is available on the iTunes for the iPhone and is also available for the Android.

    The one thing I like, about picplz over instagram is that you can upload your images in the format you made them i.e., rectangular, instagram insists on square for some reason, no real biggy for me, as I compose with this in mind.

    So, if you are thinking of joining in this online experience, let know, I am always interested in how other people see their world. My username on both is funnily enough s2art, or s2 art.

    If you have an account or join let me know?