1. Silica Gel is Cool

    You know those disposable silica packets that come in your packaging? You should actually hang on to them; their moisture-wicking properties come in handy all over the house.

    If you’ve ever bought shoes, handbags, and other merchandise, you’ve definitely come across little silica gel packets. Their purpose is to preserve products and eliminate moisture that can lead to damage and mildew. That means you can use them on other items too — not just the ones they came packaged with. So don’t toss silica gel packets; save them! And reuse them in these cool way.

    silica and canon lens cap

    If you accidentally get water in your camera or cell phone, store it immediately in a plastic bag filled with silica gel packets, which will absorb the moisture and save the device in a matter of days.

    Here’s a secret that the photo-savvy know : Keep silica gel packets in your camera case at all times to prevent moisture-related problems. And if you’re headed to the beach, pack a plastic zip-top bag with a silica gel pack inside, and use it to stash and seal up cell phones, cameras and other electronic equipment. When you open it to answer to phone or take a picture some moisture can get inside the bag. The silica gel will quickly wick away the moisture and protect the electronics.

    Thanks to the folks over at diylife.com for the article

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