1. Freezing Film?

    Why it’s important to store your film properly:

    Film might not be around someday, but that doesn’t mean you have to stop using film for your photography and photo projects any time soon.

    Expired film can be fun, but when you want your photographs to be true-to-life, you’ll want to make sure your film still looks vibrant.

    While freezing film doesn’t completely stop your film from aging (gamma rays fog the film over time), it slows it down, giving you extra time to play with your film cameras.

    HEADS UP:Polaroid, Impossible Project, and Fuji instant films shouldn’t be put in the freezer since it messes with the chemicals in the film.

    Hells why not.

    (Source: content.photojojo.com)

      1. jckingca said: My daughter recently used some old Kodak Super-XX 8x10 sheet film that I had bought in the 1980s and kept frozen. She reports that the film was fine and not fogged at all.
      2. slack-wise said: Its fun to cultivate ‘mistakes’ though. So try baking your film
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