1. Hong Kong 2014-07-06 08:29:46 on Flickr.
  2. processing film [condensed]

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  4. s2zvdz:


more work from my visual archives



    more work from my visual archives

  5. And it’s not just cameras of course. After all, “this” is not a pipe. Any history recounted in symbols, whether rendered in images, writing, or even spoken words , is not “what happened” or “what existed”. All histories are fictions. And histories that involve machines are machine-biased fictions
  6. Diaspora* to replace FB

    Sick of Facebook and it’s money grubbing ways, want to remain as private as possible sign up for a diaspora account.

  7. Yarraville, Melbourne, Victoria, Australia. 2014-02-22  13:20:39 on Flickr.
  8. This image from a recent psychogeography tour, was curated to the VSCO grid

    This image from a recent psychogeography tour, was curated to the VSCO grid

  9. Phsychogeography Day 2014-10-02

    I’m road tripping today; updates as we stop and start, posts will either be to instagram.com/s2art or tumblr. Hardware for the day? Glad you asked, Hasselblad (2 backs, 1 colour, 1 black and white) Ercona II, 6x9 folding film camera, Olmypus XA 35mm film camera,Lomo Super wide LCA, in 1/2 frame mode, Canon g11, iPhone 6, 13 rolls of Kodak tmax 400 5 rolls Fuji 200 35mm. Planned time on the road, 8 hours, departing @ 07:00 +10GMT. #photography #roadtrip #film #digital #Victoria #Australia. Anticipated area to be covered below.image

  10. I feel a good approach for a photographer is to start by closing his eyes and listening to the voice of his heart. The obsession and intuition that he has never taken notice of can lead him to photograph in the right way. And then the photographer edits the photographs while personally critiquing them. Such an editing process should be the best teacher for that person. I am opposed to taking photographs with the forced intent of a pre-determined concept.

    With intelligence and knowledge, a photographer can easily take photographs that can be sold at high prices. But I don’t want people to take photographs of that nature. First of all, one continuously takes a series of photographs. In the subsequent editing process, the concept will emerge. This is also the method I used to create “the Americans.”

    -Robert Frank


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  11. Is This Art Photography Any Good? | VICE United States

    Photography is cathartic for me too!

  12. … words not spent today, buy smaller images tomorrow
    Frederick Sommer, Aperture 10:4, 1962
  13. The End of FB?

    ello.co is a new social website with a fantastic manifesto.

    the interface is minimal and elegant, the site is still in beta and plans on offering a subscription model as well as a free model, given the recent history of startups and take overs, I like the philosophy to begin with, I just wish tumblr had done something similar. ah well?

    you can find me by my usual moniker s2art, sign up for an invite pop over and say hi! once you have an account.

  14. Ello.

    Simple, beautiful & ad-free. Read the manifesto:

  15. Princeton Alumni Weekly: Slide show: Celebrating Emmet Gowin

    I always loved this work in particular.